this show is good stuff


this show is good stuff

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martotheavenger said: I think there were some other post-2000 marvel characters in the movies. Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3, for example. Maybe we can also count the Winter Soldier. Of course Bucky, the teen sidekick, is as old as time, but the Winter Soldier persona and his storyline were around before 2000. But yes, there are many other post-2000 characters and storylines I'd love to see in the movies!

You’re right, I totally forgot those two.

And yes, they used some modern versions of ancient characters (Winter Soldier, the Guardians of Galaxy), which is good.



Avengers Academy #19. Don’t read any of this if you haven’t read up to issue 19!

This whole issue (and the one before it) made me kinda emotional. Especially the last bits. Finesse sacrificing herself to save everyone else. Mettle threatening Finesse for suggesting Hazmat stay behind, too. Veil volunteering, Reptil volunteering, but both being shot down. Hazmat coming to terms that she’s the only one who can stand up to them. Mettle for volunteering to stay behind and help. Finesse and Reptil’s “last kiss.” Mettle and Hazmat’s first and “last kiss.”

Just them working as a team to outsmart these villain assholes possessed by evil gods. And their plans aren’t that bad. These fucking kids are doing it. And then at the end, with Pym and Pietro coming in and saving them. So none of them actually have to sacrifice themselves! But, still, they were heroes! Their plan worked! They saved the city!

My heart hurt for them and swelled with pride.

And then at the end with Veil quitting… If I remember correctly, she was the very first one we see. She’s our introduction to Avengers Academy… So, if she quits, that little text at the bottom is right: “everything changes!” Although, if anyone were to quit/leave/die, I guess that’d be true. There are only six of them, and they’re all important and necessary to the team.

She just went through a lot, and I understand her quitting, but I hope it doesn’t stick. 

This really was the emotional climax of the series.  It never quite lived up to this story arc.

Just by looking at those specific scans, it looks like Veil is saying:

"Everybody got laid but me and closet guy. Fuck that shit, I quit!"

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GATE7 color splash!

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Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #5


Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #5

Manara’s anatomy is not perfect, far from it. Karine’s anatomy is not as good. On her Manara correction, Spider-Woman’s right arm on the left of the composition is just hilariously bad. The Greg Land correction is much worse. But as Heidi notes that NOT the point. The real question is if Marvel can only market comic books to straight middle aged men or if they can expand to other folks too.

I’d love to see a Becky Cloonan cover for Spider-Woman. Her anatomy isn’t perfect either, but her drawings are so entertaining and charming that I don’t care. If we applied the “perfect anatomy” standard to Becky then she’d be kicked out of comics, as would I.

Anatomy is only one tool in art and it’s not the most important.

Pro artist Gene Ha. (via comicbookwomen)

Way to miss the point that the Manara cover is a variant.

It’s like looking at the Skottie Young variant covers and say that Marvel only market to kids.

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THE NEW MUTANTS Vol. 1, No. 43, September 1986Writer Chris Claremont, Guest Penciller Steve PurcellGuest Inker Whilce Portacio, Colorist Glynis OliverLetterers L. Lois Buhalis, Tom Orzechowski


THE NEW MUTANTS Vol. 1, No. 43, September 1986
Writer Chris Claremont, Guest Penciller Steve Purcell
Guest Inker Whilce Portacio, Colorist Glynis Oliver
Letterers L. Lois Buhalis, Tom Orzechowski